Your website is up — now what?

Almost every business, from the one-person garage-based operation to the full-sized corporation with multiple offices, knows they need a website.  And, since the dawn of the revolution, almost every business does.  But a website isn’t a replacement for marketing or sales or advertising.  It is a powerful, 24/7 virtual street sign for your business, but like any street sign, it marks a destination, not the journey.

Put another way, in the real world, your street address is the ‘X’ on the treasure map — it marks the spot for your customers.  But an X on a piece of paper devoid of any landmarks, coordinates, cities, or labels would be as useless as a menu of prices without any descriptions of the entrees themselves.

Clients don’t just need to know where you are, they must know how to find you.  They may look you up in the phone book.  They may ask around the office or their neighborhood for suggestions.  Or, they may look you up online.   In all of these cases, they have a need and are trying to find you.  The question is, how easy are you making it for them?

Beyond having up-to-date content, pretty graphics, cool fonts, and easy-to-navigate menus (a topic for another day), if you haven’t optimized your site and aren’t spreading the word, your sign will remain lit at the end of an empty street.

At AJS Productions, we leverage the best in social media integration to ensure we are helping you to get the word out to anyone looking to find you.  We link your blog, your newsletter, Facebook, Twitter and your website together along with a host of other sites based on your business needs, like YouTube, Flickr and more.  This makes it easier than ever to get information out to the public at large.

Yet, with all of these tools, have you done all you can to maximize your reach?  Is your website address on your company letterhead and business card?  Do you have links to all of your social media components clearly displayed on your website?  Do all of your emails and electronic communication contain your website address in the footer?

Let’s go one layer deeper.

What about your employees?  Have they LIKED your business’s Facebook page?  Do they follow the company on Twitter?  Are they subscribed to your newsletter or blog?  And, most important of all, are they helping to spread the word by sharing recent posts or retweeting specials?  Are they forwarding newsletters or sharing blog posts?  Does everyone in your business know they are a vital and integral piece of your marketing and advertising team?

Ultimately, during each phase of developing an online presence, you increase your odds of capturing the attention of the would-be client who is desperately seeking your services.  Having a website is better than just an advertisement in the phone book.  Optimizing your site makes your web presence more readily found over those that aren’t.  Integrating with social media gives you the ability to reach out even further without incurring any financial expenses, save for the time and effort it takes to put out updates, newsletters and blog posts.  And at the point of this inverted pyramid are your employees, who provide the best word-of-mouth reference to all of their friends, family members and followers with a simple click of a button.

So, are you leveraging all of the outlets available to you and your business to attract clients?  Have you built and optimized your site?  Have you fully embraced social media integration?  Is your website listed on every advertisement, email, business card, and letterhead?  And, finally, do your employees understand the critical role they play in marketing?

To help you in your quest to maximize your reach, AJS Productions can consult with you on how to take your online presence to the next level.  Are you ready?

AJS Productions.  Get big-house development practices with the small-to-medium business budget in mind.  Cartersville, GA.

Go Social.  Go Everywhere. 

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