New site launches for those seeking professional counseling

We are very pleased to announce the launch of our latest client’s website, Balanced Professional Counseling Services. Opting for clean lines and specific imagery, the site is meant to allow for an ever-growing expansion of content through a dedicated blog, associated social media, via Facebook and Twitter, and an attachment to an adjoining podcast. Chris McDuffie, LPC, has been working in the mental health and social services field since 2003 and became fully licensed in the state of Georgia as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in 2009. He currently is an adjunct professor of Psychology at Shorter University and also works for a behavioral hospital.

HomeScreenGrabBalanced Professional Counseling Services is aptly named, too. Chris believes in a balanced approach to work and life and will help those struggling to find that inner balance within their own lives. AJS Productions was pleased to have been selected as the business partner for this endeavor and we anxiously look forward to seeing the content portions of this site continue to grow over the years.

If you are looking for someone to talk to about challenges in your life, we would like to encourage you to give Chris a call today.

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