Completing the hat-trick with Blake Scoggins Law

Grab of live home pageOur third website launch this month returns us to an area that has represented almost half of the overall sites we’ve built over the years — the small-to-medium sized law firm. When Blake Scoggins Law approached us, they knew our history and the portfolio of work we’ve done for firms all across North Georgia and Atlanta. We have a deep understanding of requirements for these kinds of websites and are comfortable guiding clients through the requirements gathering phase, content acquisition and launch. As with many businesses, most lawyers know how to navigate the legal system, but when it comes to creating an online presence, it suddenly becomes a daunting task. The competition alone requires a best-practices design approach. One doesn’t build a quality law firm site by using cookie-cutter boiler plates, build-your-own free sites or any of a number of blog-based web engines. Knowing how to properly build a site to maximize search engine optimization (“SEO”) while providing a unique and customized look is why so many law firms have abandoned their current providers and have come to AJS Productions.

We thoroughly enjoyed working with the folks at Blake Scoggins Law on creating an easy to navigate, yet informative website for both existing and new clients. We wanted to make sure everyone knew their firm strives to protect the interest and rights of each and every person who walks through their doors. They are not afraid to step up to the plate and go to bat for their clients. Their concentration is centered around Juvenile Law, Domestic Law, Personal Injury, Workers’ Compensation, Simple Wills and small Criminal matters.

Logo IsolatedAs their firm grows in both size and scope, we will be there every step of the way to make sure their online home is current, relevant and meets the expectations of a tech-savvy public for both desktop as well as mobile computing users. We always make sure our sites are cross-platform and cross-browser compatible, putting emphasis on substance and clarity over flashy designs with cluttered navigation.  If you would like to setup a meeting with us to discuss your current site or building a brand new one from scratch, we would love the chance to earn your business. Contact us today to get started.

AJS Productions tapped for Paragon Wool Products site

Just over a month ago, AJS Productions launched a website for a brand new business in NW Georgia with international ties to Prince Charles. Paragon Wool Products is looking to take the familiar fiber we get from sheep and use that wool for non-traditional uses, such as in home and business insulation as well as in furniture. Wool has attributes that are as positive for you and your family as it is for our planet. How many products allow you the opportunity to lower your power bill and improve your family’s air quality all while reducing carbon emissions and locking up CO2?

Home page grab of live site

The association of Paragon Wool Products with The Campaign for Wool, of which His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales, is currently the patron, adds instant credibility on the world stage. The Campaign for Wool’s initiative is based on the Prince’s drive for universal sustainability, which involves the understanding and use of natural solutions.  Prince Charles recognizes wool as the first choice for sustainability, durability and quality. The Campaign for Wool is supported by the Commonwealth Wool Bodies, Australian Wool Innovation, British Wool Marketing Board, International Wool Textile Organization and New Zealand Wool Growers.

We were tremendously excited to be involved in such an innovative and internationally connected business. As they continue to grow, we have already begun planning for a series of updates, to include custom video shoots to add to the website, along with growing the scope of product offerings and uses.

If you haven’t taken the time to look at your own website to see if it’s current, appealing and driving revenue, maybe today is the day to make an appointment to meet with us for a consultation. We never charge for the time it takes to get to know you, your business and your objectives. We want to earn your business the old fashioned way — we want to earn it.

Contact us today by going to our website at or by sending an email to

Nida Financial Group’s website goes live

We are proud to announce the official launch of the Nida Financial Group website. Though a smaller financial planning firm, the Nida Financial Group has decades of experience in this space and their website reveals the depth and breadth of their scope and capabilities. We spent hundreds of hours just gathering the details necessary to make sure we covered all of the facets that come into play in the world of financial planning. To complicate the project further, in such a highly regulated industry, we had to work with compliance regulators at LPL Financial to insure the content was accurate and complete. This also applied to the social media tie-ins to the website — something we bring to every project — including Facebook, a WordPress blog and LinkedIn.

What we found most impressive about working with the Nida Financial Group was their relationships within the community and with other professionals needed in planning. They know how to coordinate the many pieces that play a role in creating an overall financial plan and can make sure they are all working together in concert with one another, rather than at odds.  There is an old saying, “You don’t know what you don’t know.” Many clients of the Nida Financial Group already had some plans in place, but they didn’t know just how much more could be accomplished to maximize their investments and protect their assets. Those clients get the best of the largest firms, while being treated like an individual with a small-town feel. It’s all about relationships, which is something we at AJS Productions also value as the most important component in how we transact business. We have a very similar mindset — to provide high-end deliverables with a small-to-medium business budget in mind.

Screen Grab of live site

Home Page – Nida Financial Group

If you get a chance, take a look at our latest launch and if you feel like your own financial planning could use a more experienced hand to steer that ship, give the Nida Financial Group a call. Similarly, if your business lacks a dynamic web presence, give us a call and setup a time to meet with us. We never charge for any of our initial consultations, recognizing our cost of doing business is to first earn your trust.

You can contact us via our website, or sending an email to

We Can Make a Difference – video for Advocates for Children

A couple months back, AJS Productions was approached to help a local non-profit create a video for their annual Spring Benefit. The runway was short and the assignment was daunting — create a short video showing the plight of those abused children in the community and how programs like the ones managed by Advocates for Children are vital for not just their safety but as a means of putting them back on the road to success. As challenging as it was, the mission of Advocates is near and dear to our own hearts and we began in earnest to carve out a script for the video shoot. During that time, we also had to lock down shooting locations, props, actors and other production elements. Even the smallest video shoot needs weeks of pre-production to make sure its many moving parts are working together.

MonsterBusterHeaderAs with our prior video projects, we pulled in Torey Haas, owner-operator of MonsterBuster Entertainment, who would be responsible for gathering the appropriate crew for the shoot. He was also hired to be the lead editor once the shoot wrapped and moved into post-production.  Our two companies have excellent working relationships and we took to the challenge of not just meeting the deadline, but coming in under budget and ahead of schedule.

And we did!

We are happy to be able to share that video with you now and hope you keep the subject matter in mind wherever you may live. These stories happen everyday and there are so many non-profits who rely on the goodness and generosity of those in the community to be able to continue in the service of their mission. We would love for anyone seeking any kind of video production to reach out to us here at AJS Productions, but, more importantly, regardless of your needs, we would hope you would make it a point to donate something to those groups that serve your community, often unsung and without praise.

Please feel free to share and leave comment, not just here on our blog, but on the YouTube channel itself to let Advocates for Children know your thoughts and whether or not this short video affected you in some way.

Thank you!

Three new sites launched in last 10 days

At AJS Productions, we’ve been extraordinarily busy during the first half of 2014 (which is never a bad problem to have) with website development, search engine optimization, graphic design work, custom logo creation and building a customized e-commerce shopping cart. The trend we are seeing in these new clients isn’t a request for a first-time website. On the contrary, most of the new business in 2014 is coming from clients who realized they cut too many corners in their first (or second) website(s) or who paid a lot of money to an out-of-state (or big city) developer who was quick to cash a check and build an initial site, but was never around for updates and changes.

We pride ourselves on not using pre-made templates or a cookie-cutter approach to website development. We treat each client as the unique entity they are and start with a blank canvas. Some of our clients needed custom graphic design and logo creation, others needed a custom photo shoot, while others needed a fully integrated e-commerce shopping system so their customers could place orders from an ever-changing and growing list of items.

In each of these situations, the depth and breath of capabilities at AJS Productions not only allowed us to win the business, but also are paying dividends with referrals from those very same clients. Part of the reason for such success is we don’t treat any of our clients as work-orders. We partner with them, consulting on how best to achieve their desired business ends while still keeping true to their mission and branding. We are reachable, proactive and response driven. We don’t ever want to be compared to those out-of-state firms that can’t make the time for a phone call, email or even a text message reply.

We would like to invite you to take a moment of your time to tour the following sites that we have launched within the last 10 days and then ask yourself if your current website is doing all it can for your business. Remember, if revenue isn’t being driven to your front door, what is your site NOT doing properly?


Thompson, Meier & King – Attorneys at Law



Watt Commercial Sweeping



Aromatic Fragrances International, Inc.



AJS Productions is a Georgia-based website design company, focused on custom web design, SEO search engine marketing, and social media integration. Call today to setup a consultation at 678-427-1763 or send an email to

John T. Mroczko, P.C. – Attorneys at Law, chooses AJS Productions for their website

Banner imageWe are very pleased to announce that our latest website development client, John T. Mroczko, P.C. – Attorneys at Law, has their brand new website up and running. You can visit this law firm’s online presence by going to They are a leading fiduciary law firm dedicated to protecting the interests of their clients. John T. Mroczko has firmly established himself as a prominent trial attorney who is not afraid to go to court to get his clients the justice they deserve. Their firm is concentrated in trust and estates, business formation and litigation, and real estate transactional and litigation matters.

Some of their key practice areas include:

We were excited to have been selected to partner with John T. Mroczko, P.C. – Attorneys at Law and look forward to continuing to be their website partner as they grow their firm. This site required a host of skills to be utilized in its creation, from a brand new logo design and branding to the custom photo shoot, every aspect of this site was created from scratch with the client’s business firmly in mind.


At AJS Productions we build your website from scratch.

From the initial contact to the day we launch your new site, we’re there every step of the way. We start with an actual meeting with an actual person: a discovery session designed to bring your ideas to the page. We follow it up with a series of web designs and we won’t start to code your site without your sign-off. In fact, we have built in checkpoints throughout the project to make sure you are involved every step of the way.

What you’ll get is more than custom, it’s personalized.

AJS Productions.  Go Social.  Go Everywhere.

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Bartow Health Access uses AJS Productions for website redesign

BHALogoOver five years ago, a grassroots organization formed with one initial goal in mind — find a way to keep people from using the emergency room of the local hospital to get basic health care.  They got together with local physicians, specialists, nurses and practitioners and created a referral network to assist those who were at or below the poverty line.

However, in the last year, they came to realize they could do so much more.  Surveys of the local populace showed there was a large segment of the population that had jobs, families and homes, but did not have adequate health insurance coverage — in some cases, no coverage!  These families were getting by as best as they could, given the poor economy, plummeting home values and skyrocketing deductibles.

Now, with larger sections of the Affordable Care Act getting closer to being put into effect, many full-time employees are finding their hours reduced to 30 or less to keep the penalties from being assessed to the business.  Finding themselves relegated to part-time status, chances are, access to pay into a healthcare plan has all but disappeared for these hard working people.

Thus, the board of directors immediately went to work on revamping the mission of Bartow Health Access.  Instead of being a referral network, why not be a state-of-the-art medical facility that can cater to the health care of the local populace on a sliding fee basis?  They hired a new executive director, began revising their mission guidelines and hired a full-time physician and a nurse practitioner.  They are working on revising their status with the state and looking for federal grant dollars to help support this mission.

HomePageScreenGrabCoinciding with all of the changes in the last several months, it became readily apparent to the new executive director and member of the board that the current website fell far short of what was needed to represent the organization.  We at AJS Productions rushed at the chance to put a proposal together.  With our background in helping establish professional website designs for other non-profits, we felt we understood how to best represent the needs of Bartow Health Access.  And, we are happy to say, they felt the same about us.

It took months of back and forth discussions and work to fine-tune the site, but, in the end, we feel it was well worth it.  We encourage you to visit the site and, more importantly, share it’s mission with your friends and family.  We made sure to fully integrate their site with social media to aid in spreading the word.  Whether you use Twitter, Facebook, are a blogger or choose to mark you favorite websites in your browser, there is always a way to keep tabs on Bartow Health Access.

Bartow Health Access — your new home for health care.

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Launch of SPMH Law, LLC. — a high-end personal injury lawfirm

HomePageScreenGrabWe are so pleased to be able to take a few moments to announce the lauch of our latest client — SPMH Law, LLC.  The law firm of Slover, Prieto, Marigliano & Holbert, LLC. has been an exciting project for all of us here at AJS Productions.  Though a new firm by name, the experience of the senior partners amounts to over one hundred years of legal practice and courtroom activity.  Collectively, they have tried well over 500 cases and have participated in hundreds, if not thousands, of mediations, arbitrations, and settlement conferences.

Our attention to detail, focus on SEO marketing and social media integration is what gave us our first opportunity to make a pitch for why they should choose AJS Productions.  After learning about our business strategy and the services we offer, they decided to put their faith in us and today is the day to pop our virtual champagne corks.

For those who are looking for a personal injury firm that puts the rights of the injured first, then we suggest giving the attorneys at SPMH Law, LLC. a call for a free consultation.  In fact, as personal injury lawyers, they will never ask their clients for any out-of-pocket expenses if they take the case.  They work solely on a contingency fee basis — if they don’t win, you won’t have to pay a dime.

And, for those who have been sitting back for too long without a website, or a site that has been gathering dust for far too long, make an appointment today with us.  Much like SPMH Law, LLC. we will never charge a client for our consultation time.  Until we have an executed website development contract, there are no fees charged by AJS Productions.

Your website is up — now what?

Almost every business, from the one-person garage-based operation to the full-sized corporation with multiple offices, knows they need a website.  And, since the dawn of the revolution, almost every business does.  But a website isn’t a replacement for marketing or sales or advertising.  It is a powerful, 24/7 virtual street sign for your business, but like any street sign, it marks a destination, not the journey.

Put another way, in the real world, your street address is the ‘X’ on the treasure map — it marks the spot for your customers.  But an X on a piece of paper devoid of any landmarks, coordinates, cities, or labels would be as useless as a menu of prices without any descriptions of the entrees themselves.

Clients don’t just need to know where you are, they must know how to find you.  They may look you up in the phone book.  They may ask around the office or their neighborhood for suggestions.  Or, they may look you up online.   In all of these cases, they have a need and are trying to find you.  The question is, how easy are you making it for them?

Beyond having up-to-date content, pretty graphics, cool fonts, and easy-to-navigate menus (a topic for another day), if you haven’t optimized your site and aren’t spreading the word, your sign will remain lit at the end of an empty street.

At AJS Productions, we leverage the best in social media integration to ensure we are helping you to get the word out to anyone looking to find you.  We link your blog, your newsletter, Facebook, Twitter and your website together along with a host of other sites based on your business needs, like YouTube, Flickr and more.  This makes it easier than ever to get information out to the public at large.

Yet, with all of these tools, have you done all you can to maximize your reach?  Is your website address on your company letterhead and business card?  Do you have links to all of your social media components clearly displayed on your website?  Do all of your emails and electronic communication contain your website address in the footer?

Let’s go one layer deeper.

What about your employees?  Have they LIKED your business’s Facebook page?  Do they follow the company on Twitter?  Are they subscribed to your newsletter or blog?  And, most important of all, are they helping to spread the word by sharing recent posts or retweeting specials?  Are they forwarding newsletters or sharing blog posts?  Does everyone in your business know they are a vital and integral piece of your marketing and advertising team?

Ultimately, during each phase of developing an online presence, you increase your odds of capturing the attention of the would-be client who is desperately seeking your services.  Having a website is better than just an advertisement in the phone book.  Optimizing your site makes your web presence more readily found over those that aren’t.  Integrating with social media gives you the ability to reach out even further without incurring any financial expenses, save for the time and effort it takes to put out updates, newsletters and blog posts.  And at the point of this inverted pyramid are your employees, who provide the best word-of-mouth reference to all of their friends, family members and followers with a simple click of a button.

So, are you leveraging all of the outlets available to you and your business to attract clients?  Have you built and optimized your site?  Have you fully embraced social media integration?  Is your website listed on every advertisement, email, business card, and letterhead?  And, finally, do your employees understand the critical role they play in marketing?

To help you in your quest to maximize your reach, AJS Productions can consult with you on how to take your online presence to the next level.  Are you ready?

AJS Productions.  Get big-house development practices with the small-to-medium business budget in mind.  Cartersville, GA.

Go Social.  Go Everywhere. 

AJS Productions v2.0

In April of 2011, with a few consulting engagements under our belt, we officially launched AJS Productions with a concerted focus on website development, social media integration and SEO marketing.  The team’s background provides a full slate of skills on both technical and managerial fronts.  Front office activities include project management, sales, business analysis, and production, while back office activities focus on programming, database architecture and administration, graphic design, content development and social media interconnectivity.  The combination allows for the implementaion of the RAD approach, or Rapid Application Design, which keeps costs to our clients on a much more manageable scale.  Yet the skills inherent to the team allow for a much grander approach.

None of our clients are spoon-fed templatized sites with boilerplate layouts and content.  We pride ourselves on implementing big-house development practices with small-to-medium business budgets in mind.  From custom web design to search engine optimization and social media integration, AJS Productions gives our clients the very best of what the Internet has to offer.

As we begin to look toward our one-year anniversary, we felt we were in need of upgrading our own web presence.  Our clients have ranged from the professional office to the small start-up and from national associations to the world of musical entertainment.  Our business strategy provides us a path, which allows us to collaborate with our clients — not just serve them blindly from afar.  We spend time with them, getting to know their business and their needs, fostering a culture whereby we become partners toward mutual goals of growth and success.  It is our belief that when our clients succeed and grow, so do we.  In short, it is our belief that a satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all, and we wanted to showcase those wins with a new home.

We would like to encourage you to take time and tour our site; learn our business model and our approach toward website design and development.  Very few businesses today lack for a website.  What we want you to ask yourself is, does the site you have truly reflect who you are and what you do?  Is it current and relevent in this ever-changing, media-driven world?  Are you leveraging the tools available to expand the reach of your sales and marketing?  Are you proud to show it off, to see it emblazoned on every letterhead, business card, email closing, and brochure?

Based on your honest assessment of where you are and what you have today, maybe it’s time to think about reaching out to the new name in web development and social media integration.  Maybe it’s time to look for a partner who is as interested in your success as you are, rather than a business who thinks of you as just another work order number.  We would love the opportunity to show you the possibilities.