Another video win for AJS Productions

We recently completed a video shoot on behalf of Georgia HOPE, a provider of a wide range of mental health services to people in NW Georgia. Our task was to create a short, interview-style, video that told the story of Georgia HOPE, from its inception to where it is today. We worked very closely with Rachel McCrickard, their Community Relations Director, and Nikki Raymond, their CEO. We worked to gather a lot of information about Georgia HOPE and began a 3-day shoot interviewing dozens of employees and stakeholders with the goal of completing the delivery by their annual meeting this past October.

The day arrived to unveil the video and we were immensely pleased to hear about some of the comments sent to Rachel and Nikki afterwards:

I’m very blessed and honored to be a part of this agency.

I absolutely love this video!  Just wanted to let you all know what a great job!

This is why I work here, tears

Can we get a copy to play in the office for clients to see in the lobby

OMG I LOVE THIS VIDEO!!! My favorite parts were that Rachel wants to be a greyhound, Nikki hates dogs and I loved Mary’s vulnerability. And Tanya, I agree, I’m a cat person. Everything that everyone said, I could totally relate to. Though the job can be busy and stressful, I LOVE Georgia HOPE!!!!

We love being able to bring a video production to life for every one of our clients. But, when we hear about how well it was received by the target audience, it just makes us beam with pride. We truly love what we do and hope to keep doing it for a long time to come.

Thank you Rachel and Nikki for entrusting AJS Productions with such a special shoot. It was a privilege and an honor to get to know so many amazing people during the scope of the project.


New website launched for Fendley Farmstead

Website Screengrab

We at AJS Productions are happy to announce the launch of our latest website on behalf of the events venue, Fendley Farmstead in Canton, Georgia. The site caters to events, both small and large, utilizing sprawling acreage nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. They have a large, outdoor barn, indoor barn, food prep facilities, a bridal suite and soon-to-come grooms suite along with a fire pit, vineyard and rolling fields.

From wedding parties to corporate events to family reunions and holiday gatherings, Fendley Farmstead has become one of the fastest growing and premiere venues. Their bookings are now extending almost 18 months out and growing daily. Take a moment to checkout the site and, more importantly, share with family and friends, especially those who may be needing to book this venue for their own upcoming event.

Whether training or selling, video works

RedDragonVideoProductionAt AJS Productions, we continue to see an up-swing in clients interested in shooting custom video for their business. In some cases, it is to create training to insure the methodologies being used for new employees (or new processes) are consistent, while in others it is to advertise their goods and services. Lately, an additional area of video business has been in putting together short, pseudo-documentaries where we need to summarize the events of a program or movement to aid in both providing its history and how it has evolved to where it is today. Oftentimes, these documentary-style shorts are used to make a presentation to the next group who may benefit.

There are costs associated with any video production, but as in almost everything in life (certainly in business), you get what you pay for in terms of quality and creativity. From the most complex to the very basic, every shoot is broken into three phases:

  • Pre-production
  • Production
  • Post-production.

Time and money is saved during the pre-production phase, where careful planning and open communication with the client is extremely important. The easiest and cleanest shoots are the ones with the most focus on pre-production. And, there is very little cost in this phase, consisting more of meetings, email exchanges, storyboards and location scouting.

The costs associated with the production phase are easy to lock down because of the roles of those involved. There is a need for lights, sound, a camera operator and a director at a minimum, followed by additional crew positions to help with hair, makeup, wardrobe, props, set decoration and production assistance. Depending on the size and scope of the project, each of those roles have fixed costs, calculated in shooting days. Pre-production, done well, will give an exact number of days needed during production. Obviously there are factors that can skew this phase — bad weather, equipment failure and bad pre-production are factors that can cause overruns.

The post-production phase is where all the magic takes place. It’s also the last of the dominoes to fall and the better the first phases go, the easier it is to deliver a superb product. However, the more egregious the early errors, the harder they are to fix in post-production and can cause the budget to bloat. In this phase, all of the video is compiled and logged, audio is synced and the editing begins. It takes a keen eye and a skilled editor to make it all fit together like a puzzle of a thousand pieces. Once an edit has been agreed upon with the client, it can be cleaned up further with color correction, sound enhancement and design and then delivered in any of a number of mediums, from website delivery, all the way to the highest level of broadcast quality, including 4K Ultra HD.

Nothing can beat a well-done and delivered video to tell a story. That story might be the history of an organization, why a product is needed or how a change in ideology led to drastic improvements for a community at-large. Logo IsolatedA video can properly demonstrate how to operate machinery, follow a company process or provide examples of what not to do when interacting within a culturally diverse workforce. Taking the time to talk with a firm who has been involved in the industry for years can help give you an even better understanding of the process and why you should be looking to schedule your own video shoot.


Video production is just one of our core competencies

A growing area of our business has been in video production. Small-to-medium businesses are finding they can better connect to their customers through the use of adding videos to their website. Sometimes these videos will reveal a behind-the-scenes look at how products are made and delivered. In others, we show how to properly use or install products. The law firms we have worked with have created their own frequently asked questions video series to make a potential client feel as though they are already getting legal help even before they walk through the door. And, in a handful of instances, we’ve written, directed and produced stand-alone film productions to be used in conjunction with fund-raising, promotional and marketing activities

One of our most recent examples of a stand-alone was shot to benefit Advocates for Children, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, dedicated to helping children who are living in terrible conditions. Rather than create the typical informational piece, filled with dry facts, boring figures and screens filled with text, the organization asked us to create something creative and emotional to better affect the viewing audience. We needed to illustrate the deplorable conditions many children face and then find a way to turn it around and show how a child’s life can benefit due to the many programs existing under the umbrella of Advocates forChildren.

(Click here to watch it.)


Partnering with the post-production services of MBE, we continue to add more and more video work to our overall portfolio. We have created a sampling of our capabilities for you to watch and if you find you might benefit from our video production team, we’d be happy to meet with you to discuss your ideas and how we might be able to bring them to life.

Whether it’s adding video to your existing website, building a brand new site for your business or shooting a stand-alone commercial, training or promotional video, AJS Productions has the ability to bring you the highest quality deliverables, while keeping your overall budget in mind.

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Completing the hat-trick with Blake Scoggins Law

Grab of live home pageOur third website launch this month returns us to an area that has represented almost half of the overall sites we’ve built over the years — the small-to-medium sized law firm. When Blake Scoggins Law approached us, they knew our history and the portfolio of work we’ve done for firms all across North Georgia and Atlanta. We have a deep understanding of requirements for these kinds of websites and are comfortable guiding clients through the requirements gathering phase, content acquisition and launch. As with many businesses, most lawyers know how to navigate the legal system, but when it comes to creating an online presence, it suddenly becomes a daunting task. The competition alone requires a best-practices design approach. One doesn’t build a quality law firm site by using cookie-cutter boiler plates, build-your-own free sites or any of a number of blog-based web engines. Knowing how to properly build a site to maximize search engine optimization (“SEO”) while providing a unique and customized look is why so many law firms have abandoned their current providers and have come to AJS Productions.

We thoroughly enjoyed working with the folks at Blake Scoggins Law on creating an easy to navigate, yet informative website for both existing and new clients. We wanted to make sure everyone knew their firm strives to protect the interest and rights of each and every person who walks through their doors. They are not afraid to step up to the plate and go to bat for their clients. Their concentration is centered around Juvenile Law, Domestic Law, Personal Injury, Workers’ Compensation, Simple Wills and small Criminal matters.

Logo IsolatedAs their firm grows in both size and scope, we will be there every step of the way to make sure their online home is current, relevant and meets the expectations of a tech-savvy public for both desktop as well as mobile computing users. We always make sure our sites are cross-platform and cross-browser compatible, putting emphasis on substance and clarity over flashy designs with cluttered navigation.  If you would like to setup a meeting with us to discuss your current site or building a brand new one from scratch, we would love the chance to earn your business. Contact us today to get started.

AJS Productions tapped for Paragon Wool Products site

Just over a month ago, AJS Productions launched a website for a brand new business in NW Georgia with international ties to Prince Charles. Paragon Wool Products is looking to take the familiar fiber we get from sheep and use that wool for non-traditional uses, such as in home and business insulation as well as in furniture. Wool has attributes that are as positive for you and your family as it is for our planet. How many products allow you the opportunity to lower your power bill and improve your family’s air quality all while reducing carbon emissions and locking up CO2?

Home page grab of live site

The association of Paragon Wool Products with The Campaign for Wool, of which His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales, is currently the patron, adds instant credibility on the world stage. The Campaign for Wool’s initiative is based on the Prince’s drive for universal sustainability, which involves the understanding and use of natural solutions.  Prince Charles recognizes wool as the first choice for sustainability, durability and quality. The Campaign for Wool is supported by the Commonwealth Wool Bodies, Australian Wool Innovation, British Wool Marketing Board, International Wool Textile Organization and New Zealand Wool Growers.

We were tremendously excited to be involved in such an innovative and internationally connected business. As they continue to grow, we have already begun planning for a series of updates, to include custom video shoots to add to the website, along with growing the scope of product offerings and uses.

If you haven’t taken the time to look at your own website to see if it’s current, appealing and driving revenue, maybe today is the day to make an appointment to meet with us for a consultation. We never charge for the time it takes to get to know you, your business and your objectives. We want to earn your business the old fashioned way — we want to earn it.

Contact us today by going to our website at or by sending an email to

Nida Financial Group’s website goes live

We are proud to announce the official launch of the Nida Financial Group website. Though a smaller financial planning firm, the Nida Financial Group has decades of experience in this space and their website reveals the depth and breadth of their scope and capabilities. We spent hundreds of hours just gathering the details necessary to make sure we covered all of the facets that come into play in the world of financial planning. To complicate the project further, in such a highly regulated industry, we had to work with compliance regulators at LPL Financial to insure the content was accurate and complete. This also applied to the social media tie-ins to the website — something we bring to every project — including Facebook, a WordPress blog and LinkedIn.

What we found most impressive about working with the Nida Financial Group was their relationships within the community and with other professionals needed in planning. They know how to coordinate the many pieces that play a role in creating an overall financial plan and can make sure they are all working together in concert with one another, rather than at odds.  There is an old saying, “You don’t know what you don’t know.” Many clients of the Nida Financial Group already had some plans in place, but they didn’t know just how much more could be accomplished to maximize their investments and protect their assets. Those clients get the best of the largest firms, while being treated like an individual with a small-town feel. It’s all about relationships, which is something we at AJS Productions also value as the most important component in how we transact business. We have a very similar mindset — to provide high-end deliverables with a small-to-medium business budget in mind.

Screen Grab of live site

Home Page – Nida Financial Group

If you get a chance, take a look at our latest launch and if you feel like your own financial planning could use a more experienced hand to steer that ship, give the Nida Financial Group a call. Similarly, if your business lacks a dynamic web presence, give us a call and setup a time to meet with us. We never charge for any of our initial consultations, recognizing our cost of doing business is to first earn your trust.

You can contact us via our website, or sending an email to

New site launches for those seeking professional counseling

We are very pleased to announce the launch of our latest client’s website, Balanced Professional Counseling Services. Opting for clean lines and specific imagery, the site is meant to allow for an ever-growing expansion of content through a dedicated blog, associated social media, via Facebook and Twitter, and an attachment to an adjoining podcast. Chris McDuffie, LPC, has been working in the mental health and social services field since 2003 and became fully licensed in the state of Georgia as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in 2009. He currently is an adjunct professor of Psychology at Shorter University and also works for a behavioral hospital.

HomeScreenGrabBalanced Professional Counseling Services is aptly named, too. Chris believes in a balanced approach to work and life and will help those struggling to find that inner balance within their own lives. AJS Productions was pleased to have been selected as the business partner for this endeavor and we anxiously look forward to seeing the content portions of this site continue to grow over the years.

If you are looking for someone to talk to about challenges in your life, we would like to encourage you to give Chris a call today.

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Developers using boilerplates may not give you the bang for your buck

Several people advertise cheap website development. They call it “inexpensive” or may even use the phrase “the cheapest price around.”  But, if you are a small-to-medium business, you need to understand that there is a HUGE difference between building a site with templates or boilerplates and knowing how to properly code, build, develop, and brand a site to maximize website search engine optimization for content while giving your customers a site that accurately reflects who you are and what you do.

The analogy here can be found in the movie-making business. Sure, two kids and a camcorder can make a film, but is it going to look like what you expect when you sit down at the local cinema?  The old saying, you get what you pay for, has never been more applicable.  Think about it.  Your website is a 24/7, 365 day a year non-stop advertisement for your business.  Can you really trust it to someone who knows just enough to fill out some forms and  change a few colors?  Give us a call today.  There is never a charge for consultation at AJS Productions.

Go Social.  Go Everywhere.

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Is your website designed to maximize your SEO?

Logo - shadow - crop - finalFirst, let’s start with, what is SEO?  Search Engine Optimization (“SEO”) has, as it’s goal, a focus on maximizing the visibility of your website on a given search engine’s un-paid search results.  Said another way, let’s say you are looking for a local electrician to do some work around your home.  Most web users (and today, who isn’t?) will pull up their internet browser, go to a search engine they prefer (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) and type the words: residential electrician in (city name).  As soon as you hit enter, a list of websites will show up and there will likely be page after page of companies and web pages that contain the words “residential”, “electrician” and your city’s name.  The first few are the “paid” results and can be bought by businesses to always be at the top — these are often flagged with a different color or a highlight.  The rest of the results are displayed based on an algorithmic formula that each search engine utilizes to try to put the best results first.

Generally speaking, the earlier, or higher on the displayed list of results, the more frequently that site is visited and referenced by internet users.  And, like a self-fulfilling prophecy, the more visitors that click on your site, the better chance your site stays high on (or climbs) the list of future search results.  SEO can target all kinds of searches, such as a content search, image search, local search, academic search, news search or industry-specific search.

At AJS Productions, our strategy is to know how those search engines work, understand the terms people like to use when searching for a website (such as actual key words, terms and phrases) and to optimize the content on our client’s website.  Optimizing each web page of a given website may include editing its content, HTML and other coding, meta tags and removing any inhibitors to the indexing activities used by search engines.  To aid in building the strength of our client’s web pages, we also leverage many typical social media elements, like Facebook and Twitter, to ensure each site is referenced in multiple locations, contains both inbound and back links and creates a web of multiple paths to drive users to the customer’s online site.

The effort to build SEO isn’t a one-time activity.  Designing a site with SEO strategies in mind is more than just writing content with key words; it requires constant vigilance and updated content to ensure the search engine crawlers continue to find relevance to the website.  Refreshing pages, adding new content, proper image tagging, adding URL links that cross-reference relevant sections of the website are a few activities that need to be employed continually to ensure staying relevant on search engine results.

contactpicOur proven methodologies have been employed on many of our sites and continue to drive revenue to our clients’ businesses.  If you feel your business could benefit from a consultation with us, we would be happy schedule a time to meet with you and see how we might be able to optimize your current site.  And, if you have yet to implement your own internet marketing and advertising strategies, understand that many development houses employ boilerplate design templates, stock language and work from a one-size-fits-all approach.

Our business model is exactly the opposite!

We utilize best practices website development and design and customize our offerings for each of our clients.  We take the time to learn your business and build each solution from scratch to ensure we not only have the best site possible for the investment, but also provides the tactics and strategies necessary to maximize search engine optimization.