One startup, one established — two website designs

It’s been longer than anyone here would have liked in putting out a new blog but we have a pretty good excuse — we’ve been busy.  Before we had even put the finishing touches on the Bartow Live United website, we were locking in deals on two more full website designs with social media integration.

The King’s Knit-Wit

The first of these two sites will be for a brand new business that recently opened it’s doors in downtown Cartersville.  The King’s Knit-Wit is a specialty shop that caters to knitters and crocheters of all ages.  But, more than just a supplier of knitting supplies and yarn, they also provide lessons for all skill levels, are a consignment shop for fine art, sell custom soft-sculpted dolls, and maintain a used book store.  Waiting for when you walk in the door, there is always a cup of gourmet coffee.  The shop owners, Doug Cardoza and Patrick Kincaid, are avid art lovers, actors, and collectors.  They are also both certified teachers who have decided to call Cartersville their home.

They currently have a business Facebook page but they didn’t have a full-featured website and needed to leverage social media with a much wider net.  After several sit-down meetings with the owners, they chose to partner with us at AJS Productions to make that need a reality.  We are well underway in the development cycle and plan to have the site ready for launch by late June or early July.

Hardwood Flooring by Flores

The second site we have recently inked is for a long-standing independent hardwood flooring installation business.  The family owned enterprise has been installing hardwood floors in residential and commercial locations for many years all throughout North Georgia.  But hardwood flooring installation is not their only area of expertise.  They can install custom tiling, laminates and carpeting.  They even have strategic partnerships with suppliers in North Georgia to be able to fulfill a job bid from start to finish.

Their one drawback during these many years has been the complete lack of an online presence of any kind.  Not only do they lack a website, they also have yet to embrace Facebook, Twitter or blogging.  And they knew that had to change.  Over the course of a couple of meetings, we were able to carve out a complete design and layout of their website, also including full integration with social media.  Being small business owners, they do not have time to update multiple sites with the same content.  Leveraging our technologies and processes, Hardwood Flooring by Flores knew AJS Productions was the website developer for them.  When completed, they will be able to create news tips, offerings, and advice about hardwood flooring in each of those applications with the click of just one button.

Go Social.  Go Everywhere.

Whether you are a brand new business or an established enterprise, having and maintaining an online presence is crucial to your business’s survival.  Beyond a website, though, is the need today for social media tie-ins.  Website Design, development and integration is our specialty.  Even if you have a website and just need to figure out how to integrate it with a social media component, we can help you.

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Your website is up — now what?

Almost every business, from the one-person garage-based operation to the full-sized corporation with multiple offices, knows they need a website.  And, since the dawn of the revolution, almost every business does.  But a website isn’t a replacement for marketing or sales or advertising.  It is a powerful, 24/7 virtual street sign for your business, but like any street sign, it marks a destination, not the journey.

Put another way, in the real world, your street address is the ‘X’ on the treasure map — it marks the spot for your customers.  But an X on a piece of paper devoid of any landmarks, coordinates, cities, or labels would be as useless as a menu of prices without any descriptions of the entrees themselves.

Clients don’t just need to know where you are, they must know how to find you.  They may look you up in the phone book.  They may ask around the office or their neighborhood for suggestions.  Or, they may look you up online.   In all of these cases, they have a need and are trying to find you.  The question is, how easy are you making it for them?

Beyond having up-to-date content, pretty graphics, cool fonts, and easy-to-navigate menus (a topic for another day), if you haven’t optimized your site and aren’t spreading the word, your sign will remain lit at the end of an empty street.

At AJS Productions, we leverage the best in social media integration to ensure we are helping you to get the word out to anyone looking to find you.  We link your blog, your newsletter, Facebook, Twitter and your website together along with a host of other sites based on your business needs, like YouTube, Flickr and more.  This makes it easier than ever to get information out to the public at large.

Yet, with all of these tools, have you done all you can to maximize your reach?  Is your website address on your company letterhead and business card?  Do you have links to all of your social media components clearly displayed on your website?  Do all of your emails and electronic communication contain your website address in the footer?

Let’s go one layer deeper.

What about your employees?  Have they LIKED your business’s Facebook page?  Do they follow the company on Twitter?  Are they subscribed to your newsletter or blog?  And, most important of all, are they helping to spread the word by sharing recent posts or retweeting specials?  Are they forwarding newsletters or sharing blog posts?  Does everyone in your business know they are a vital and integral piece of your marketing and advertising team?

Ultimately, during each phase of developing an online presence, you increase your odds of capturing the attention of the would-be client who is desperately seeking your services.  Having a website is better than just an advertisement in the phone book.  Optimizing your site makes your web presence more readily found over those that aren’t.  Integrating with social media gives you the ability to reach out even further without incurring any financial expenses, save for the time and effort it takes to put out updates, newsletters and blog posts.  And at the point of this inverted pyramid are your employees, who provide the best word-of-mouth reference to all of their friends, family members and followers with a simple click of a button.

So, are you leveraging all of the outlets available to you and your business to attract clients?  Have you built and optimized your site?  Have you fully embraced social media integration?  Is your website listed on every advertisement, email, business card, and letterhead?  And, finally, do your employees understand the critical role they play in marketing?

To help you in your quest to maximize your reach, AJS Productions can consult with you on how to take your online presence to the next level.  Are you ready?

AJS Productions.  Get big-house development practices with the small-to-medium business budget in mind.  Cartersville, GA.

Go Social.  Go Everywhere. 

Development full-speed ahead for Bartow Live United

Last week, we received word that the mockup for the new Bartow Live United website was approved by the board and work has begun on the background programming for the new website.  We at AJS Productions are very excited to be bringing a brand new look and feel to the United Way of Bartow County’s web presence.

Our lead architect decided to leverage the new “duo” marketing campaign of the United Way, showing pairs of differing individuals, whose message is:  Bringing together different points of view in the name of uniting for the common good.  We loved the idea and are thrilled that the board of the United Way of Bartow County felt the same way.

Over the coming weeks, the development team will be working full-speed to get the site up at the start of the 2Q’12.  Our next milestone will be to get a test site up for the United Way of Bartow County’s board to be able to play with the navigation of the new site.

Thus far, our relationship with the Director of United Way of Bartow County, Brenda Morehouse, has been fantastic.  She has been responsive, easy to reach, and quick to provide the assets we need as we begin to populate the site with content.  This project embodies our business mindset of partnering with our clients — not treating them like just another work order number.

We pride ourselves on providing big-house development practices with small-to-medium business budgets in mind.  From custom web design, development, and hosting to search engine optimization and social media integration, AJS Productions will give you the very best of what the Internet has to offer.

Final mock-up gets approval from board of United Way of Bartow

Final mock-up approved by client

AJS Productions v2.0

In April of 2011, with a few consulting engagements under our belt, we officially launched AJS Productions with a concerted focus on website development, social media integration and SEO marketing.  The team’s background provides a full slate of skills on both technical and managerial fronts.  Front office activities include project management, sales, business analysis, and production, while back office activities focus on programming, database architecture and administration, graphic design, content development and social media interconnectivity.  The combination allows for the implementaion of the RAD approach, or Rapid Application Design, which keeps costs to our clients on a much more manageable scale.  Yet the skills inherent to the team allow for a much grander approach.

None of our clients are spoon-fed templatized sites with boilerplate layouts and content.  We pride ourselves on implementing big-house development practices with small-to-medium business budgets in mind.  From custom web design to search engine optimization and social media integration, AJS Productions gives our clients the very best of what the Internet has to offer.

As we begin to look toward our one-year anniversary, we felt we were in need of upgrading our own web presence.  Our clients have ranged from the professional office to the small start-up and from national associations to the world of musical entertainment.  Our business strategy provides us a path, which allows us to collaborate with our clients — not just serve them blindly from afar.  We spend time with them, getting to know their business and their needs, fostering a culture whereby we become partners toward mutual goals of growth and success.  It is our belief that when our clients succeed and grow, so do we.  In short, it is our belief that a satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all, and we wanted to showcase those wins with a new home.

We would like to encourage you to take time and tour our site; learn our business model and our approach toward website design and development.  Very few businesses today lack for a website.  What we want you to ask yourself is, does the site you have truly reflect who you are and what you do?  Is it current and relevent in this ever-changing, media-driven world?  Are you leveraging the tools available to expand the reach of your sales and marketing?  Are you proud to show it off, to see it emblazoned on every letterhead, business card, email closing, and brochure?

Based on your honest assessment of where you are and what you have today, maybe it’s time to think about reaching out to the new name in web development and social media integration.  Maybe it’s time to look for a partner who is as interested in your success as you are, rather than a business who thinks of you as just another work order number.  We would love the opportunity to show you the possibilities. — tying it all together

Our latest web release wraps-up a five site deal for the law firm of Perrotta, Cahn & Prieto, P.C. by launching an overall umbrella site that ties all of the individual practice sites together.  By utilizing our business development model, the lawyers at Perrotta, Cahn & Prieto, P.C. now have a fully integrated social media network, providing their clients, both current and future, access to their firm through dedicated website content, networked blogs, area specific Facebook pages and Twitter accounts, and a complete video Q&A series accessible through the sites and a dedicated YouTube channels.  And, underneath each of these sites is a multi-layered, interconnected design to provide strong search engine optimization (“SEO”) to our client.

True to our business ideology of becoming partners with our clients, we want to encourage those of you who are in need of legal services to get in touch with the lawfirm of Perrotta, Cahn & Prieto, P.C.  Whether in the practice areas of bankruptcy, Social Security Disability Insurance, elder care and nursing home abuse, family and criminal law, real estate, personal injury, estate planning, civil litigation or more, our client is a one-stop firm dedicated to treating you with respect and the attention you deserve.

Nat’l Assoc. of Journeymen Linemen looks to AJS Productions for website

In another win for AJS Productions, the National Association of Journeymen Linemen chose to leverage our business and development model to create a fully integrated website and social media solution.  We also provided secure socket layers (SSL) encryption to ensure NAJL members could securely purchase or renew their memberships online.

The concept of National Association of Journeymen Linemen was born generations ago when linemen wore fedoras, used old corn binder line trucks and climbed poles using hooks and blocks.  Technology grew through the years with companies such as AB Chance and men like Andy Anderson and Cliff Bosch pioneering advancements with innovative materials which altered the direction of line work forever.  NAJL is an organization exclusively for Journeymen Linemen, much like the fraternal order organizations of fireman or policeman, they are dedicated to the line heroes.

We look forward to our ongoing partnership with NAJL, an association that recognizes the value of a Lineman’s family at a personal level and likewise recognizes the value of the extended family through their profession.  They are committed to bringing the professional family together to promote one of the oldest and most difficult careers known to man.