Bartow Health Access uses AJS Productions for website redesign

BHALogoOver five years ago, a grassroots organization formed with one initial goal in mind — find a way to keep people from using the emergency room of the local hospital to get basic health care.  They got together with local physicians, specialists, nurses and practitioners and created a referral network to assist those who were at or below the poverty line.

However, in the last year, they came to realize they could do so much more.  Surveys of the local populace showed there was a large segment of the population that had jobs, families and homes, but did not have adequate health insurance coverage — in some cases, no coverage!  These families were getting by as best as they could, given the poor economy, plummeting home values and skyrocketing deductibles.

Now, with larger sections of the Affordable Care Act getting closer to being put into effect, many full-time employees are finding their hours reduced to 30 or less to keep the penalties from being assessed to the business.  Finding themselves relegated to part-time status, chances are, access to pay into a healthcare plan has all but disappeared for these hard working people.

Thus, the board of directors immediately went to work on revamping the mission of Bartow Health Access.  Instead of being a referral network, why not be a state-of-the-art medical facility that can cater to the health care of the local populace on a sliding fee basis?  They hired a new executive director, began revising their mission guidelines and hired a full-time physician and a nurse practitioner.  They are working on revising their status with the state and looking for federal grant dollars to help support this mission.

HomePageScreenGrabCoinciding with all of the changes in the last several months, it became readily apparent to the new executive director and member of the board that the current website fell far short of what was needed to represent the organization.  We at AJS Productions rushed at the chance to put a proposal together.  With our background in helping establish professional website designs for other non-profits, we felt we understood how to best represent the needs of Bartow Health Access.  And, we are happy to say, they felt the same about us.

It took months of back and forth discussions and work to fine-tune the site, but, in the end, we feel it was well worth it.  We encourage you to visit the site and, more importantly, share it’s mission with your friends and family.  We made sure to fully integrate their site with social media to aid in spreading the word.  Whether you use Twitter, Facebook, are a blogger or choose to mark you favorite websites in your browser, there is always a way to keep tabs on Bartow Health Access.

Bartow Health Access — your new home for health care.

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New site launches for those seeking professional counseling

We are very pleased to announce the launch of our latest client’s website, Balanced Professional Counseling Services. Opting for clean lines and specific imagery, the site is meant to allow for an ever-growing expansion of content through a dedicated blog, associated social media, via Facebook and Twitter, and an attachment to an adjoining podcast. Chris McDuffie, LPC, has been working in the mental health and social services field since 2003 and became fully licensed in the state of Georgia as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in 2009. He currently is an adjunct professor of Psychology at Shorter University and also works for a behavioral hospital.

HomeScreenGrabBalanced Professional Counseling Services is aptly named, too. Chris believes in a balanced approach to work and life and will help those struggling to find that inner balance within their own lives. AJS Productions was pleased to have been selected as the business partner for this endeavor and we anxiously look forward to seeing the content portions of this site continue to grow over the years.

If you are looking for someone to talk to about challenges in your life, we would like to encourage you to give Chris a call today.

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A 20+ year business greets social media with inaugural website

AJS Productions is proud to announce the launch of a website for a another small business in NW Georgia.  Hardwood Flooring by Flores has been in existence for over 20 years and have relied solely on word-of-mouth for their business growth.  During economic upturns, this mode of marketing has been more than sufficient to supply a steady line of customers to their door.  However, since the economic downturn that hit the housing marking in late 2008 and the following collapse in 2009, business has been thin.

After riding it out for the last three years, they knew it was time to embrace social media.  When we first met with the owners, we wanted to reflect the quality of workmanship inherent to every job taken by Hardwood Floors by Flooring.  Pictures are the key and so we built the site with the ability to have the owners post new albums in their gallery.  This gives them the flexibility to show each of their latest jobs from start to finish without crowding the home page of the site.

They also know how important social media has become in the last few years, but didn’t want to spend all of their business hours keeping those outlets updated.  By partnering with us, we were able to give them a one-button solution to updating a business Facebook page, their Twitter account, the news section of their website, while also providing a headline update to their home page of their website.  This allows them to spend the bulk of their time doing what they do best — custom flooring and tiling solutions for home and business.

If you are looking for someone to transform your home or office, we want to encourage you to contact Hardwood Flooring by Flores today.  And, if you are ready to take the leap into social media with your small-to-medium business, why not get in touch with us today?

Go Social.  Go Everywhere.

Contact us today at for a free consultation.

Bankruptcy site gets a fresh coat of paint

One of the first dedicated legal websites we launched early last year was for the bankruptcy practice at the law offices of Perrotta, Cahn & Prieto, P.C.  It was the first web page of a multi-delivery package where AJS Productions was asked to create unique sites for several legal practice areas, while tying in social media (Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress blogging) and creating an entire video series to be used on each.  It was a large project with a staged launch schedule and an aggressive timeline.

Our challenge was to give each site a unique look while still keeping an overall branding strategy in place to tie them all together under one umbrella.  Looking back through our work, we realized that the bankruptcy page, though well designed and laid out, felt just a little outside the designs we implemented on the Social Security Disability website, the Elder Care Abuse Lawyer website and the Family and Criminal Law website.

We immediately took a proactive approach at putting together a new layout and presented that change to the client.  Brian Cahn, senior partner at Perrotta, Cahn & Prieto, P.C., and leader of the bankruptcy practice, was very happy with the new design and gave us approval to move forward without delay.   Our lauch of the redesigned site took place a few weeks ago and we could not be happier with the results.

We want to encourage you to take a moment to tour the sites AJS Productions built for Perrotta, Cahn & Prieto, P.C. and see if your own business’s website still meets with your expectations.  In an ever-changing technical world, most businesses today have a website.  What you have to decide is if your site is current, dynamic and informative while fully embracing the elements of social media to the fullest extent possible.  And, more importantly, is that what your competition is doing?  Contact us today to see if we can give your virtual home on the web a much needed facelift.

AJS Productions – Go Social.  Go Everywhere.