The King’s Knit-Wit just went live

One of our latest clients is a small startup that has been in its brick-and-mortar store for just four months.  In a world of mass merchants and big-box stores, The King’s Knit-Wit chose to find an unfilled niche and capitalize on it.  We all know the economy has taken it on the chin for just about the last four years and many are having to change not only their spending habits, but also how to get more for less.

In our own corner of the world, we run into so many family’s who have begun to grow larger and larger vegetable gardens to off-set the rising cost of fresh vegetables.  Similarly, some of the more archaic professions are starting to make a resurgence, like canning, sewing and knitting.

This last area is where our latest client has focused the bulk of their business — knitting.  The King’s Knit-Wit provides something for everyone interested in knitting, from the novice to the seasoned expert.  Providing raw wools, tools, patterns and even live training, this mom-and-pop operation has seen knitters as young as 8th graders to folks as old as 80 come through their shop.

They pride themselves on always having a fresh pot of coffee or hot tea ready and plenty of space to sit down and enjoy learning and practicing this age-old craft.  Many of their patrons are learning they can make clothing for a fraction of the price at retail stores, while gaining the added knowledge that their creation is a one-of-a-kind.

Because of their business model and product focus, we chose to embrace a look and feel that harkens back to the Renaissance drawings and images of a time gone by.  The client wanted a rich burgandy background with design elements that made you feel as if you had been transported to the days of Shakespeare.

If knitting is your thing or you just want to see if this might be the hobby you are looking for, swing on by their shop and say, “Hello!”  And be sure to LIKE their Facebook page, follow them on Twitter, and sign-up to follow their blog.  Their focus may be on a old-world craft, but their outreach is 100% focused on social media.

This website design was a nice departure for us from some of the more technical and modern sites we’ve been delivering.  That’s one of the reasons so many of our clients have enjoyed working with us; we listen to what they want, while consulting with them on how best to achieve their business results.  In this way, we truly create the sense of a partnership.  We’ve said this over and over:  We do not look at our clients as simply the next work order.

If you have a business, are you doing all you can to leverage the tools available to you to market your offerings to the public at large?  If not, AJS Productions may be the website designer you need.  Our focus on big company solutions at the small-t0-medium business budgets will get you the results you are wanting.  Contact us today and let’s get started toward making your online presence a driving force for your bottom.

With AJS Productions, it’s time to Go Social.  Go Everywhere.

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