Video shoot and post-production

The month of June was very busy for us for several reasons.  First, and foremost, are the four websites we are developing concurrently.  While in the midst of the development activities, we also had some good networking success at the Bartow Business Connection meeting and ended up putting together three comprehensive quotes to prospective clients.  Though that, in and of itself, does not mean we will get those contracts, it is good to see we are getting some attention.

The biggest task we completed at the end of June was the full video shoot for all four of the websites we are building.  It took a lot of effort to coordinate the representatives, scope the location, prep it, and lock-in a shooting date.  Once that date arrived, we had to make sure we lit the location properly and got our on-camera resources comfortable in front of the camera.  We scheduled a full 8 hour day for the shoot and were very happy to end that day with some time to spare.

But, that’s the easy part.

Next comes the post-production work.  We are so thankful to be partnered with Mabry-Green Studios.  Mike Green’s skill behind the camera may only be surpassed by his abilities in the editing suite.  To take hours of raw footage, organize it, and then clip it together in a cogent and engaging fashion is truly a skill unto itself.  As those video segments are parsed, they are then compressed and sent to our Technical Architect to be embedded in their respective sites.

This is the kind of production work one would expect from much larger development companies.  However, by leveraging our network of relationships, we are able to provide that large company feel at a much more reasonable price.

We are already 11 days into 3Q’11 and there is still a lot of work to accomplish, but we are enjoying every minute of it.  We are also planning to make another appearance at the Bartow Business Connection networking meeting tomorrow in Cartersville and hope to get a few more nibbles for proposals as a result.  Ultimately, it’s a lot like fishing — you have to keep casting the line if you hope to catch a fish.  Sometimes they get away, but every now and then, you hook a good one.

One thing is certain — it’s really hard to catch anything if you don’t put out the nets.

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